10 beautiful & free jquery slideshow

By the time passing  jQuery slideshows are getting popular and popular because of their flexibility and nice interface.By jQuery you can make beautiful slideshow within a short time while it was pretty hard to make a slideshow with java script.Thanks goes to the developers who made it possible for us with jQuery.Today we will try to showcase 10 beautiful jQuery slideshow plugin in front of you.These plugins are easy to use and have got beautiful interface.

1.Coin Slider

A beautiful lightbox slideshow with jQuery from Jack Moore.It is Compatible with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

jquery slideshow


Another beautiful jQuery based slideshow developed by Thiago.This plugin supports multiple transition effect.

jquery slideshow 2

3.TN3 Gallery

A sleek slideshow based on jquery from FFF Web Media Inc.This plugin have beautiful thumbnail at the bottom.It support multiple transition effect.

jquery silideshow


A Slick jQuery Image Slider Plugin from Zurb.This plugin can automatically determine the height and width of your set of images and scale the image automatically.

jquery silideshow

5.Coin Slider

A pretty slideshow with multiple effect support.It also support caption in below.This plugin is Compatible with Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 2+, Google Chrome 3+, Opera 9+.



A beautiful slideshow from Jeremy Fry a creative developer.This slideshow has got pretty thumbnail below.


7.Nivo Slider

An awesome slideshow plugin for jquery which supports Simple and Flexible Setup 16 Beautiful Transition Effects.This plugin has got flexible layout and responsive with browsers.This plugin is also available


8.Content Slider

A beautiful jQuery based slider which supports content also.It has built-in navigation control and you can use this plugin easily to showcase your products and their details.

jquery silideshow

9.Slide Js

Another awesome slideshow with jquery from SlideJs.It has multiple features like Responsive,Touch (for the supported devices),CSS3 transitions,Easy setup.This plugin let you choose many transition effect from many of them.

jquery silideshow


Another slick full screen jQuery based slideshow that let you add a pretty gallery in your website.It also has got beautiful thumbnail option with hidden capability

jquery silideshow

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  1. aliceli says:

    Thank you, great collection…

    I also found this one very useful jQuery slider creator and it’s totally free: http://www.hislider.com

    It also supports ken burns effect… WYSIWYG & Full-Customise

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