Top 10 online newspapers in Bangladesh

Newspaper refers to the publication that contains news of a region or part of the world or the whole world which is published periodically.Previously we used to read hard copy of newspaper but now-a-days we are getting more regular to online newspaper.As i am a Bangladeshi firstly i am going to showcase all the popular Bangladeshi online newspaper as inspiration and then rest of all.All these newspaper site are showcased because of their huge popularity and huge traffic.Online newspaper are getting popular day by day in Bangladesh because they can be read from anywhere and for free.People don’t have to buy hard copy of newspaper today.Here are the top online newspapers in Bangladesh:


online newspaper in bangladesh


online newspaper in bangladesh


online newspaper in bangladesh


online newspaper in bangladesh


online newspaper in bangladesh




online newspaper in bangladesh


online newspaper in bangladesh


online newspaper in bangladesh


online newspaper in bangladesh

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  1. Ferdous Shibly says: is a new online news portal in Bangladesh which is really promising.

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